Z3X Samsung tool pro

Z3X Samsung tool pro is a tool that allows the owner of a Samsung or LG phone to customize their device. Always check with the terms of the warranty before using a Z3X Box or other jailbreaking device or program on one’s phone

What is the Z3x Samsung tool pro?

Z3X Box is a tool that allows the owner of a Samsung or LG phone to customize their device. With a Z3X Box, a user can repair options on a device that may be causing software difficulties, unfreeze a phone that is no longer responding, and unlock a phone or flash it (when it no longer works but only with its original service provider).

А variant form of Z3X Box looks like

  1. USB Hub to connect any USB device
  2. TX LED transmitting data
  3. PWR LED power led
  4. RX LED receiving data
  5. Card LED card request
  6. Service cable UART

Setting Up a Z3X Box

After buying a Z3X Box, the user will need to set up the program’s shell. This shell is available on the Z3X website for free along with other files; these do not come with the device itself.
Download and install this program onto a computer (not onto a phone). Depending on what drivers are installed on the system, Z3X Shell (download link) may prompt the user to download and install some drivers at this stage; this should be completed before using the Z3X Box.
Tether the phone to the computer with a USB cable and run The Shell program that was just installed. The Shell will run the user through the Z3X Box setup procedure and may ask some basic questions about the device including the make model, and operating system. Once this process is complete, the Z3X Box will be ready to use with one’s phone.

Unlocking a device with a Z3X Box

One of the many customization options available with Z3X Box is unlocking the device. To do this:

  1. tether the device to the computer that has already set up the Z3X Box shell, and run the Shell program
  2. ensure that the correct make and model of the device are selected
  3. select the Direct Unlock option in the shell
  4. the program will prompt the user to press and hold the power button for three seconds

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