Top 10 Best Website For Free and Easiest Online Computer Tutorial

The present world has provided the biggest platform for learning. Of course, it is due to the internet and its global connection. We can learn everything by accessing the whole world sitting in a corner of the room.

 As technology has huge scope in the present world. So learning about the computer has become very essential for almost everyone.

So, if you are searching for a computer tutorial then don’t worry and be a ready sink in the world of computer education.

Here I have provided you the list of the top 10 best websites for computer tutorials.

Top 10 Website For Computer tutorial providing computer basics for beginners

1. Tutorialspoint

Tutorialspoint- computer tutorial

Tutorialspoint is one of the best websites for aspiring computer tutorials.

We have Tutorialspoint first on the list. It depends upon interest if you are interested in computer science and want to upgrade and enhance your skills the Tutorialspoint can be a good helper to you.

Tutorialspoint is one of the popular websites which serves great tutorials on a wide variety of programming languages.

Generally, it can be said to be the best for the beginner as it had provided a wide and descriptive concept on everything from easy to complex.

So if you are a beginner the no doubt this is the best website for you to access a computer tutorial. This website has everything to give you.

Expert tutor of this websites are:

  • P Shankar,
  • M Rajkumar,
  • G Nikhil Kumar
  • Nikhil Sethi, etc.

It has a huge library which will provide more than you need.

One of the most important features of this website is that it has a fine text editor to edit codes, to compile and run them. Talking about the programming language, you can learn C, C++, Java, Python, etc.

Official Website for Tutorial Point is

Who is the owner of Tutorials Point ?

Mohammad Mohatashim is the Founder and Managing Director of Tutorialspoint.

2 Studytonight

Studytonight-Computer tutorial

Studytonight is one of the best platforms for computer tutorial which teaches various

programming languages and technical subjects.

Studytonight believes in creating quality products, that’s why it has hired experts in the specific field.

If you want to learn programming and other technical subjects deeply then this can be a great platform for you.

 It digs deeper into the core topics of computer science.

Some of the topics you can learn from this website include C language, Java, CSS, SQL, operating system, mango, Python, CAO, Game development with Unity, C++, and Apache Cordova, Computer network, etc.

The simple language used in this website attracts readers, as this has made text fine and easy to understand for anyone. So this also could be a good helper in your way of learning.

If you want to learn more about Studytonight here is the official website of Study to Nighthttps:

3 Geeks for Geeks

Geeks for Geeks-computer tutorial

This website provides all categories of information and solutions starting from simplest to more and more complex ones.

The website also offers a fully functional and interactive IDE that you can apply to modify and test codes.

 Some of the main programming languages available or that are covered in this website include C, Java, and Python, etc.

To get more information about Geeks for Geeks you can go through the official website of this

4 W3 Schools

W3schools-Computer tutorial

W3 Schools also provide quality education.

This website is great for students who want to learn different programming languages such as PHP, SQL, ASP, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, etc.

The website has computer tutorials specially for these programming languages and is written in simple language for easy understanding and this website also involves ability check-ups.

Offiicial website for this tutorial is

5 Quora

 Quora-Computer tutorial

Quora is simply said to be the QNA website. This site holds the answer to most of the questions.

Quora provides answers to all the questions and answers that you ma confused about or willing to ask about life, including those about computer science.

This website holds answers related to computer tutorial.

Quora is a large community involving professionals and experts, so it can be a reliable resource for computer science students.

 Since, the experts present there give satisfactory answers to any questions that you may be having.

Official website for this channel is

Does Quora users get paid ?

No, Quora dosen’t pay for writting answers. What happens is when you start giving correct answers you maight be noticed by experts. After that if they are impressed by your work then they could bring some projects for which you can charge money.

6 StackOverflow

Stackoverflow-Computer Tutorial

StackOverflow has also been serving quality education.

It is said o be the biggest community of developers.

This website brings together millions of programmers to come together to share different issues while at the same time teach each other.

This website has all the programming doubts that you are having. It helps in writing codes and gets the solution to almost every problem.

7 Computer Hope

Computer Hope-Computer Tutorial

Computer Hope is the website for computer tutorial that provides help and support for all the problems relating to the computer.

 This website works as a technical helper as we can search anything about computers whether you have an issue with the database, with the drivers, or steps for solving a problem in your computer.

 It also provides information on hardware security and protection.

The official website for this channel is

8 JavaTpiont

JavaTpoint-Computer Tutorial

JavaTpiont is also one of the leading websites of computer tutorial and is well known for its technical support.

 This is a great platform that provides tutorials on various issues related to computers and modern technology.

This is a good helper in learning to code. This site includes various training tutorials on all programming languages.

It teaches about the latest developments such as Blockchain and AI. It also prepares for interviews.

The official website for this is

Who is the owner of JavaTpoint ?

Soonu Jaiswal is the owner of JavaTpoint.

9 Khan Academy

Khan Academy-computer Tutorial

Khan Academy is one of the non-profitable institutions created website especially, with the aim,” education for all.”

This website has provided subject matter or courses on a wide range of subjects especially Physics, Math, and science. It also had covered a large variety of topics relating to computer science.

 So, this site also is rich in computer tutorials or content which are available in the form of YouTube videos.

This website is owned by Sal Khan.

The official website for this channel is

Who is the owner of Khan Acadeny ?

This website is owned by Sal Khan.


Udemy-Computer Tutorial

 If you are willing to learn programming and courses in all the latest technology like Selenium, Algorithms and Data structures, Java, Spring, REST, etc then, this site can be great for you.

It offers both free and paid courses.

Here are some of the useful free courses offered by this website:

  1. Java tutorial complete for beginners.
  2. Easy to understand data structures.
  3. Introduction to Python programming.
  4. Advanced JavaScript and ES6.

The paid courses offered by this site are very cheap and can be purchased on just $9.99 during their flash sale, which happens quite often. Some of the great teachers available here are:

  • Colt Steels,
  • Stephen Grider,
  • Josh Portilla,
  • Rob Percival,
  • John Purcell, etc.

These are only some examples of the websites that offers you best computer tutorial. These are the

websites which provides free as well as paid courses as well.

Besides these, other good websites could provide the content that you want. So, you can try them too.

I hope this might help you to get computer comprehensive computer

courses. tutorial.

If you are interested to know about c programming language then, here is something that you must check it out. Strings in C programming Language

The official website for this is

Who is the owner of Udemy ?

Eren Bali is the founder of Udemy.

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