How to Download and Install iTunes on Windows 10

iTunes is used to transfer data on iPhone or any iDevices, or if your device is locked then to unlock the iDevices you need iTunes. The correct way of downloading and installing iTunes on windows is from its official website.

download itune

Before proceeding you must have a good amount of disc space storage for an iTunes download. iTunes can be downloaded from Microsoft Windows Store or it also can be downloaded directly from the Apple website.

Why do I need iTunes ?

iTunes is Apple’s program originally designed to sync your Windows PC or Mac with iPods and later other mobile devices. Nowadays iTunes on a computer is used to sync and organize contacts, playlists, and also to backup iDevices like iPhone data to iCloud, to unlock your disabled iPhone, and lots more.

Do iTunes cost money ?

No. iTunes is totally free to download and use. But if you want to purchase music and apps from iTunes you can purchase them.

How to download iTunes ?

There is only one official website to download iTunes, which is from the apple store. And the link is provided below.

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