Disk 1 dynamic foreign error-100% solve problem without losing data |How to Fix Foreign Dynamic Disk

Disk 1 dynamic foreign error

Why Your PC Showing Disk 1 dynamic foreign error

  • When you Update Your windows
  • When you boot or flash with new windows
  • when you change your BIOS
  • converting MBR to GPT

Solution for Disk 1 dynamic foreign error

  1. Click winKey
  2. Type create and format hard disk partitions
  3. Press Enter
  4. Check Which Drive is showing issue
  5. right Click & import Foreign Disk then OK

You have to do first thing

Complete BackUp your data when you face Disk 1 dynamic foreign error to another PC

it did not remove your data by the way only for securing your data if in case will go.

you can check this video for more detail

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by Mahesh Giri
Admin of Informer Guru.

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