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Computer Network


As well as know that, this is the era of science and technology. These technologies make our life more and easier. In that way, computer networking is also play important role in our life. As we know that,   

A computer network is a group of networks where one or more than two computers are interconnected to each other. In a computer network, two or more computers are linked together with a medium and data.

Communication devices for the purpose of communication data and sharing resources. The computer that provides resources to other resources on a network is known as a server.

Today computer networks are conversing with telephone networks and other communication networks, both data and voice being sent over these networks.

Computers network range from small private networks to the internet and widely used by individuals and businesses today.

Usually, the connection between the computer in a network is made using physical wire or cable-like twisted pair cable, co-axial cable, fibre optic cable etc. However, some connections are wireless, using radio waves, interred rays, Bluetooth, wifi, etc.

The network is not defined only by personal connections; they are defined by the ability to communicate.

What is meant by computer networking?

A computer network is a group of networks where one or more than two computers are interconnected to each other.

Component of Computer Networking

Computer Network

Computer networking components comprise both physical parts as well as the software required for installing computer networks, both at organizations and at home.

The hardware components are the server, peer, transmission media, and connecting devices. The software components are operating systems and protocols.

Hardware components:-


Computer Network

Servers are high configuration computers that manage the resources of the network.

The network operating system is typically installed in the server and so they give the user access to the network resources.

Computer Network


Clients are computers that request and receive from the server to access and use the network resources.


Peers are computers that provide as well as receive service from others peers in a workgroup network.

Computer Network

Transmission media

Transmission media are the channel through which data is transferred from one device to another in a network.

Connecting devices:

Computer Network

Connecting devices act as middleware between computers, by binding the network media together. Some of the connecting devices are Routers, Bridges, Hubs, Repeaters, Gateways, and Switches etc.

What is the role of connecting devices in Computer networks?

Connecting devices act as middleware between computers, by binding the network media together.

Software Components

Networking Operating System

Computer Network

A networking operating system is typically installed in the server and \facilitates workstations in a network to share files, databases, applications, printers etc.


Computer Network

The protocol is a rule or guideline followed by each computer for data communication. The protocol is a set of related protocols that are laid down for computer networks. The two popular protocols are:

An OSI Model (Open System Interconnections)

B TCP/IP Model

Modes of Data Communication

Computer Network

Transmission Mode

Transmission mode means transferring data between two devices connected over a network. It is also known as the mode of data communication. It defines the direction of the flow of information between two communication devices.

It is also called data communication or directional mode. It specifies the direction of the flow of information from one place to another place in a computer network.

For example, data communication is a computer connected to the internet via a wifi connection that uses a wireless medium to send & receive data from one or more remote servers.

There are basically 3 modes of data communication:

Computer Network

 Simple mode

In this mode of communication, a sender can either send or receive the data but both are not possible.

 It means that data can be sent only in one direction. E.g. Loudspeaker, Keyboard,

(Only one direction)

Half Duplex mode

Computer Network

In this mode of communication, a sender can send the data as well as receives the data but not at the same time.

E.g. Walkie-Talkie in which message is sent one at a time & message are sending in both the direction.

A is sending, B is receiving A   β†’ B    B is sending, and A is receiving A β† B

Full duplex mode

Computer Network

In this mode of communication, the sender can send as well as receive the data on the other hand the receiver can receive as well as send the data at the same time. E.g. Telephone, Network etc.

 A ↔B (Both directions)

Importance of Computer Networking

As well as knowing that, there are lots of importance of computer network. These networks play a vital role in our life.

Here some importance of computer is following ways:

  • Computer network help us to easily share our information with other computer.
  • Communication in computer network will be, efficient easy and effective such as email, chatting etc.
  • Computer connected network can share peripheral device like printer, hard disk etc.
  • Networking also provides the function of backup.
  •  In computer network mass data processing is cheaper.
  • It gives the facility of locking which leads the multi users to simultaneously access a file with corrupting the data.

 Advantage of Computer Networking

Computer Network

It enhances communication and availability of information:

 Networking, especially with full access to the web, allows ways of communication that would simply be impossible before it was developed.

 Instant messaging can now allow users to talk in real-time and send files to other people wherever they are in the world which is use boon for business.

It allows for more convenient resource sharing:

This benefit is very important, particularly for large companies that really need to produce a huge number of resources to be shared with all the people.

Since the technology involves computer-based work, it is assumed that the resources they wanted to get across would be completely shared by connecting to a computer network which their audience also use.

It makes file sharing easy:

Computer Networking allows easier accessibility for people to share their files, which greatly helps them with saving more time and effort since they could do file sharing more accordingly and effectively?

It is highly flexible:

This technology is known to be very flexible as it gives users the opportunity to explore everything about essential things, Such as Software without affecting their functionality plus, people will have accessibility to all information they need to get and share.

It is an inexpensive system:

Installing networking software on your device would not cost too much as you are assured that it last and can effectively share information with your peers. Also, there is a need to change the software regularly, as mostly it is not required to do so.

What are the 4 types of networks?

The computer network is divided into four types based on their size and functionality. They are LAN, MAN, PAN, and WAN. As LAN stands for Local Area Network, MAN stands for Metropolitan Area Network, PAN stands for Personal Area Network, and WAN is explained as Wide Area Network.

The disadvantage of Computer Networking:

Computer Network

It lacks independence:

 Computer Networking involves a process that is operated using computers, so people will be recycling computer work,

Instead of exerting an effort for their tasks at hand. Aside from this, they will be dependent on the main file server which means that, If it breaks down, the system would become useless, making users idle.

It poses security difficulties:

Because there would be a huge number of people who would be using a computer network to get and share some of their files and resources certain user security would be always at risk.

It allows for more presence of computer virus and malware:

There would be instances that stored files are corrupt due to computer viruses. Thus, network administrators should conduct regular check-ups on the system, and the stored files at the same time.

It looks robust:

 As previously stated, if a computer networks main server breakdown, the entire network would become useless. Also, if it has a central linking server that falls, the entire network would also come to a standstill.

To deal with this problem huge network should have a powerful computer to serve as a file server. To make setting up and maintaining the network easier.

It requires an efficient handler:

For a computer network to work efficiently, it requires high technical skills and know-how of its operations and administration.

 A person just having basic skills cannot do this job. Take note that the responsibility to handle such a system is high, as allotting permissions and passwords can be calculating.

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What are the basics of computer networking?

Switches, routers, and wireless access points are essential networking basics and can be said to be the foundation of network marketing. Through them, devices are connected to each other and communicate easily.


In end, we can say the network and technology are vast at the present time and it is going to be more vast and helpful in upcoming times than it is at the present. So in the coming time having information about networks and technology will always pay us further.

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