Artificial Intelligence 2021: Best Innovation Of All Time

Artificial Intelligence

What Is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is said to be the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions.

The term may also be applied to any machine that exhibits traits and functionality associated with a human mind such as learning and problem-solving. This is the process of interlinking human and machinery abilities for the production of an ultimate and powerful new species.

The ideal characteristic of artificial intelligence is its ability to rationalize and take actions that have the best chance of achieving a specific goal in a time-saving manner. A subset of artificial intelligence is machine learning, which is based on the concept that computer programs can automatically learn from and adapt to new data without being assisted by humans

Deep learning techniques enable this automatic learning through the absorption of huge amounts of unstructured data such as text, images, audio, and videos.

Major Key points on AI

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines which means no need for human support.

The goals of artificial intelligence mainly include learning, reasoning, and perception.

AI is being used across different industries including finance and healthcare automatic control management.

Weak AI tends to be simple and single-task oriented, while strong AI carries on more complex and human-like tasks. And this is the way they are differentiated

Understanding about Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

When most people hear the term artificial intelligence, they usually think of Robots because big-budget films and novels weave stories about human-like machines that wreak havoc on Earth.

But nothing could be further from the truth. Artificial intelligence is based on the principle that human intelligence can be defined in a way that a machine can easily mimic and execute it from the most simple and easy to those that are even more complex or difficult.

The goals of artificial intelligence include mimicking human cognitive activity and behaviour. Researchers and developers in the field are making surprisingly rapid strides in mimicking activities such as learning, reasoning, and perception, to the extent that these can be concretely defined.

Some believe that innovators may soon be able to develop systems that will exceed the capacity of humans to learn or reason out any subject.

But others remain sceptical because all cognitive activity is based on the value judgments that are subject to human experience.

As technology advances, previous benchmarks that defined artificial intelligence become outdated and new definitions will be created as per its advanced form, For example, machines that calculate basic functions or recognize text.

 Optical character recognition is no longer considered to be artificial intelligence since this function is now taken for granted as an inherent computer function.

Artificial Intelligence is continuously evolving to benefit many different industries. Machines are wired using a cross-disciplinary approach based on mathematics, computer science, linguistics, psychology, and many more.

Algorithms often play a very important part in the structure building of artificial intelligence, where simple algorithms are used in simple applications, while more complex ones help to frame strong artificial intelligence.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence

The applications for artificial intelligence are endless. AI is so flexible that it can be used in any sector for any purpose.

AI is being tested and used in the healthcare industry for dosing drugs and different treatments for inpatients and for surgical procedures in the operating room and it is believed to be 95 per cent more secure than humans.

Some other examples of machines with artificial intelligence include computers that play chess and self-driving cars.

Each of these machines must weigh the consequences of any action they take, as each act of their will impact the result. In the case of chess, the result is winning the game.

For self-driving cars, the computer system must account for all external data and compute it to act in a way that prevents a collision and this is one of the basic concepts used here.

Artificial intelligence also has its use in finance sectors where it is used to detect and flag unethical activity in banking and finance such as unusual debit card usage and large account deposits—all of which help a bank’s fraud department.

Applications for artificial intelligence are also being used to help streamline and make trading easier. This is done by making supply, demand, and pricing of securities that are easier to estimate.

Classification of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can be classified into two different categories:

Weak AI

Strong AI

Weak AI

Artificial Intelligence

Weak Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems refer to a system that is designed to carry out one particular job.

Weak AI systems generally include video games such as the chess example from above and personal assistants such as Amazon’s Alexia and Apple’s Sire.

You can experience it by generally asking the assistant’s question; it will answer it for you.

Strong AI

Artificial Intelligence

Strong Artificial Intelligence systems are the systems that carry on the tasks considered or said to be human-like. These tend to be more complex and complicated systems.

They are programmed to handle situations in which they may be required to problem solve without having a person intervene or support them.

These kinds of systems are complex so can be found in applications like self-driving cars or hospital operating rooms.

Special Considerations about AI

Artificial Intelligence

Since its beginning, artificial intelligence has come under scrutiny and criticism from scientists and the public alike.

One common theme is the idea that machines will become so highly developed that humans will not be able to keep up and they will take off control on their own, redesigning themselves at an exponential rate.

Another is that machines can hack into people’s privacy and even can be weaponized. Other arguments debate the ethics of artificial intelligence and whether intelligent systems such as robots should be treated with the same rights as humans or not.

Self-driving cars have been fairly controversial as their machines tend to be designed for the lowest possible risk and the least casualties due to driving as it reduces human effort and takes off all the controls.

Artificial Intelligence

If presented with a scenario of colliding with one person or another at the same time, these cars would calculate the option that would cause the least amount of damage. Here, it means that it will sense the presence of any other person and things and act safely.

Another contentious issue many people have with artificial intelligence is how it may affect human employment.

With many industries looking to automate certain jobs through the use of intelligent machinery, there is a concern that people would be pushed out of the workplace due to their replacement.

Self-driving cars may remove the need and necessity for taxis and car-share programs, while manufacturers may easily replace human labour with machines, making people’s skills more obsolete.

Some Important Related Terms

What is Fuzzy Logic?

Fuzzy logic is defined as a mathematical logic that solves problems with an open, imprecise data spectrum

What is weak AI?

Weak AI is machine intelligence that is limited to a particular area.

What is Natural Language Processing (NLP)?

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a type of artificial intelligence that allows computers to break down and process human language, so here it means the process of building the natural way of communication with machines.

What is Knowledge Engineering?

Knowledge engineering is defined as a field of artificial intelligence (AI) that enables a system or machine to mimic the thought process of a human expert.

How Deep Learning can help to prevent Financial Fraud?

Deep learning is said to be a machine learning technique that enables automatic learning through the absorption of data such as images, video, or text. It is a type of artificial intelligence.

What Is Strong AI?

Strong AI is said to be a type of machine intelligence that is equivalent to human intelligence.

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